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Are you struggling with learning Korean and you’re looking for Korean teachers?
K-talk Live is here to help you.

Weekly Free Online Korean Lessons 

“K-talk Live” offers real-time online 

lecturing services every week
that allows you to study Korean free 

of charge from your own comfort place.
You can interact with Korean teachers and 

classmates from all over the world.

-Apply for the Free Hangul Lesson for Absolute beginners-
    3 sessions a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) 

every week. (1 session = 50 minutes)
    Only for absolute beginners who want to learn Hangul, Korean letters. 


 -Apply for the Free Korean Lesson for Pre-intermediate learners-
    2 sessions a week (Thursday and Friday) every week
    Only for pre-intermediate learners 

who can read and write Hangul, 
count in Korean, know basic counting units, 

tenses and how to conjugate verbs. 
These lessons will cover 

1)future tense 2)zero conditional 3)contrasting clauses.

Apply for our regular online lessons
 Do you want to learn Korean in Korea?  

Covid-19 blocks you coming here?
You can learn Korean with ‘K-talk Live’ under the almost 
same condition as face to face class in our school.
Small group lessons & varied options for class time.

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Due to the unprecedented challenges with the outbreak of COVID-19, JKLC is moving our face to face lessons to online.

Come and meet our experienced native Korean teachers from the comfort of your own place!
K-talk Live offers the high-quality lectures same as the one we provide in our center. 
Join us and experience our real time class at your convenience, without leaving home.
You will be participating in Korean class via an online video platform where you can interact 

with our professional teachers along with classmates from all over the world!

K-talk LIVE
(Real-time Online Korean Class)

- Live online Korean class by Native Korean ‌teachers
- Starts every Monday
- Fixed time classes & tailored classes
- Suitable for absolute beginner to advanced (8 levels)
- Affordable Price
- Money-back guarantee for all online Korean lessons

Courses of K-talk LIVE


Learn how to read Hangeul for free! Hangeul is the writing system for the Korean Language. 

We will give you everything you need to be able to read Korean! This course is designed for absolute beginners, those who have not learnt the Korean language before. 

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#absolute beginners #online korean #native korean tutors


Recommended for those
who want to learn Korean as a hobby.

This course is based on
a curriculum designed to
improve Korean language skills
such as speaking, listening,
reading and writing.

#all levels #for fun  
#leisure interest #group study 
#one to one lesson


Best fit for
 those who want to achieve 
a high score on the TOPIK exam, 
attend university in Korea, 
or work for a Korean company.

This course is available for
all levels of Korean.

#TOPIK #beginner 
#learn fast #intensive Korean 
#business with Koreans

Real-Time Inte‌raction!

Learn Korean from JKLC's native teachers without leaving home!

2021 Fees

K-talk LIVE Solutions 

Powerful virtual classroom 

Zoom will provide a stable and robust security settings for teachers and our admins will ensure you disruption-free virtual classes.

Enhanced communication & feedback

Google Classroom will make classes stay organized and communicate efficiently. Spark discussions and turn in your assignments via Google Classroom.

Meet your classmates and have fun  

We will organize a group as a special place to meet your classmates and communicate each other. You can share everyday photos and videos and have a fun chat with your class mate! 

Easy Pay for anyone, anywhere

PayPal allows us to accept payments from the customers, no matter where they are. It is also a safer, simpler way to keep your financial information secure.

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